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Silhouette Cameo Digital Fabrication Machine

—————————3D PRINTING—————————

3D Design Software & Apps

  • Autodesk 123d Website (free, must set up account to access apps and software)
  • TinkerCAD¬† (web-based app to create 3D models)
  • Autodesk 123d Design (free downloadable software and iPad app to create 3D models)
  • Morphi (free app for iPad, basic modeling and easy conversion of 2D drawings to 3D digital model)
  • Makerbot PrintShop (free iPad app that scans images and converts to 3D digital model)

Tinker with existing 3D designs

Don’t have a 3D printer? Use Shapeways online 3D printing service!

  • Shapeways website (upload your 3D model, order your print, pay, receive in the mail)
  • 3D Hubs website (find local printing shops near you, order online, pick up in person)

Our favorite 3D Printers. Inexpensive and portable.

———————-SIMPLE ELECTRONICS———————-

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Paper Circuits

Wearable Circuits

Programmable Circuits


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