Inkblot Mandalas

Mandalas are a spiritual symbol that represent the Universe. Traditionally they consist of radial balance with at least four lines of symmetry. Inspired by Margaret Peot’s Inkblot: Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity, we invite you to try to create a mandala using blots of ink or paint.


  1. Fold a piece of paper in half. Apply a dot or two of water, and a dot or two of ink or paint.
    • inkblot1
  2. Fold the paper, and apply pressure with the palm of your hand. Unfold.
    • inkblot2
  3. Finally, fold the paper horizontally, apply light pressure, and unfold. Now, what do you see?
    • inkblot3

Make historical and cultural connections by including additional instructional information about mandalas:

Incorporate more inspiration by including additional artistic design concepts, such as those from our favorite inkblot artist: