Getting Started with Making

Though there is no refined definition for “making,” we offer this mindmap to show you how we envision the exciting learning potential of getting kids involved in making (click to enlarge image).

At The MAKE Lab, we promote the idea that no two makerspaces are the same. They are unique contexts based on a combination of interests (facilitator, users, community members), environments (ages, skills, physical space), and tools (equipment, materials). Yes, there are many books that provide guidance for how to set up particular makerspaces; however, we don’t want that to dissuade anyone into thinking that they absolutely have to set up their space in that way. Budgets and time will be key in determining the approach that is best for you. Regardless of your constraints, feel confident in knowing that you can set up a great space to inspire your users’ interests, fit within your community environmental needs, and maximize your available tools and materials.


We get a lot of questions about organization, setup, activity design, and facilitation so we wanted to share some of our logistics with you. Please check out the links below to see some of our details, including curated tips for organizing and setting up spaces, how to design activities, and facilitation strategies. Of course, these are just a starting point and though they work for us they may or may not work for your context.

Tips for Organizing & Setting Up Your Makerspace

Tips for Designing Maker Activities

Tips for Facilitating Maker Activities